Enhance Your Online Store: Engage Customers with Calendly and Bravo Integration

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Establishing an online presence for your business is crucial for success in the digital era. Setting up a virtual store has become easier than ever with the advancement of technology. In addition to offering convenience to customers, staying connected with them in meaningful ways is another advantage of this service. This blog post delves into the ways in which you can enhance your virtual store experience and build lasting customer relationships using tools such as Calendly and Bravo.

Creating Your Online Store:

Before we explore the tools, let’s briefly discuss the fundamentals of establishing an online store. To effectively display your products or services, handle inventory, and securely process transactions, it is essential to have an e-commerce platform that is easy to use for customers. You can choose from a variety of user-friendly platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce to effortlessly create and handle your e-commerce website.

Calendly: Simplify Appointments and Consultations

Calendly can revolutionise your business if you need to schedule appointments or consultations with clients. With this flexible scheduling tool, you can easily establish your availability and distribute your customised booking link to clients. Users can easily select a suitable time slot for a meeting or consultation. Calendly synchronises with your calendar, preventing any overlapping bookings and sending reminders to both you and your clients. By using this tool, you can streamline scheduling and enhance your ability to offer top-notch customer service.

How to Collect Valuable Customer Feedback by Leveraging Bravo:

Obtaining customer feedback is crucial for enhancing your products, services, and overall customer satisfaction. Bravo is a feedback collection platform that is easy to use and helps you gather valuable insights from visitors to your online store. Bravo enables you to generate personalised feedback forms that can be seamlessly integrated into your website or email communications. Enabling customers to express their opinions, recommendations, and issues can aid in comprehending their requirements more effectively. Enhance customer experience and build lasting relationships by implementing their feedback through active listening.

Improving Customer Experience:

Virtual stores may not provide the same level of personal interaction as physical stores. One way to overcome this challenge is by utilising personalised communication to connect with your audience. Maximise customer experience and foster stronger connections by integrating Calendly and Bravo.

Provide virtual consultants:

Arrange personalised consultations with clients through Calendly. By offering personalised assistance, product recommendations, and addressing customer queries, you can enhance the customer experience.

Improve your customer engagement by sending personalised follow-up emails. Send customised follow-up emails to your customers after a consultation or purchase. Add a Bravo feedback form to your emails to prompt customers to provide their feedback and recommendations.

Incorporate customer feedback to enhance your business. Engage in attentive listening to customer feedback obtained via Bravo for optimal results. Utilise it to pinpoint areas that require enhancement and implement the necessary modifications to your online store, offerings, or solutions.

Organise virtual events and workshops to engage your audience. Host online events or workshops that are relevant to your business niche. Boost the visibility of your events by utilising Calendly, which simplifies the registration process for customers to secure their spot hassle-free.


Creating an online store is a great strategy to engage with customers in the online world. Optimise your appointment scheduling and customer feedback process with Calendly and Bravo tools. These tools help you streamline appointments, consultations, and gather valuable feedback to improve your customer experience. Leverage the potential of technology and cultivate valuable connections with your clientele via your online store. Achieve long-term success in the online marketplace by staying connected, actively listening, and adapting to the needs of your audience.

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