How To Install Redis and PHP Redis on a cPanel Server?

Redis and PHP Redis must be installed on a Linux-based server, which cPanel users administer. Software like this is indispensable for programmers working with PHP. Redis is a free and robust in-memory database system. Also As a key-value store, it stores several data types, including strings, hashes, lists, sets, and sorted sets. Redis’ passive data … Read more

How to restart cPanel service on a server using SSH

In this post, we’ll show you how to restart the cPanel service on a server using SSH. Users can do system configurations, run core commands, and reboot or restart the cPanel service on the server using SSH. To restart the cPanel service, do the following: Get your SSH account connected. Run the Command Line : … Read more

How to Restart the cPanel using the command prompt ?

This guide will assist you in how to restart cPanel using the command prompt. Restarting cPanel will restart all services on the cPanel server, including, MySQL, server, tail watch, and so on. To restart the cPanel using the command prompt, just follow a few simple steps as mentioned below: This way you can restart the … Read more